Wrestling Report: Brawl broke out at ADCC Open, allegedly knife pulled and life ban handed

While the vast majority of the day passed without a hitch and people both in seats and on mats undoubtedly enjoyed their time at the ADCC Open, one incident sparked a fair amount of controversy. Unfortunately, A fight broke out during one match between Ty Freeman and Jefferson Guaresi that required several people to break upincluding ADCC veteran and unit coach Murillo Santana.

Guaresi got a heavy tie to which Freeman reacted incredibly poorly, with Freeman hitting Guaresi several times before anyone could reach them to put an end to the fight. It has been alleged that Santana pulled a knife to stop the fight After Freeman is disqualified, he and Santana are banned for life from the event as a result of their actions during the fight.

For those of you who want to follow ADCC 2022 as it comes out, the live scores can be found here.

Andrew Tuckett wins absolute division of ADCC Open

As for the actual event itself, the ADCC Open presented a unique opportunity for players who found themselves in the region. This was a tournament where anyone and anyone could enter, with junior and kids teams also available. The tournament was not only filled with promising prospects in the future such as Helena Krivar and Caleb Tackett, but also had a lot of well-known competitors.

There were over a hundred different divisions with an incredible amount of matches, but most of the attention was on the professional divisions. Featuring a lot of high-profile wrestlers like Jacob Couch and Estevan Martinez, there was a lot of action all around. The best performance of the day was undoubtedly from Andrew Tuckett, who delivered all six of his opponents at 76kg before also winning the absolute class.

The full results of this event can be found here.

Amit Elor becomes the youngest world champion in American wrestling

Amit Elor made history in stunning style at the WWF by becoming the youngest American ever to win a major title. She won a gold medal in Belgrade, Serbia after defeating four of the best female wrestlers on the planet in the 72kg category. She outpaced her opponents by an overall margin of 27-2 and defeated all three athletes who reached the podium in 2021.

She scored a close 3-2 victory over Japanese world champion Masako Furuichi and quickly took the bronze, Turkey’s Boss Tosun, in just 39 seconds. Elor’s most impressive performance came in the final against the silver medalist, when she scored a technical fall on Kazakh Zamela Bakirzhinova. In doing so, Elor broke the record last set by Kyle Snyder in 2015.

Leon Edwards be promoted to BJJ black belt

It’s been a really great month for Leon Edwards, and it all started when he became the newest UFC Welterweight Champion at UFC 278. He was low on the scorecards when the bout started in the fifth round of his rematch with Kamaru Usman but he made it through. To pull something incredible out of the bag and land with a beautiful header to knock Usman and win the title in style.

Less than a week later, Edwards was able to celebrate his 31st birthday as a champion, and soon after returning to training in Birmingham, he had another moment. His longtime BJJ coach, Gracie Barra’s Tom Bracher, promoted him to a black belt in BJJ Full support from his coach and IBJF no gi world champion Victor Estema.

Violin Armbar

Facing the lower hook when passing the knee slide

Triangle choke setting from collar and sleeve guard