YouTube has saved free users from dying of unskippable ads

Viewers view up to 11 commercials in a row

YouTube is arguably the most popular long-form video streaming platform with a community of individual creators making up the majority of the content. YouTube pays these creators to get views, because every free tier viewer sees ads that make YouTube money. Viewers like you and me can purchase a Premium membership to rid themselves of ads, and now might be a good time to do so. After complaints from viewers around the world, YouTube is ending an experience that saw as many as 11 Non-skippable ads It was played before your chosen video started.


Ads on YouTube have always been short, and the longer ads are usually skippable after five seconds and limited in number. The platform also has mid-video ads for longer content if the creators allow it. Here, some of these breaks also last only a few seconds, but other skippable ads can last for minutes.

However, since the beginning of this year, YouTube is showing an increasing number of ads before the videos even start. Redditors have noticed what the platform has been like a year ago so far Three 15-second non-skippable ads in breaks. In January, the platform raised it to 20 second adswhile three 15-second consecutive ads It was spotted in March. Since a week, Twitter was banging With free tier YouTube viewers complaining eight to me 11 Consecutive, non-skippable ads and varying duration before or interrupted a video. On the bright side, most of these announcements don’t seem to be long.

YouTube took over to Twitter Acknowledgment of complaints, saying these types of ads are called bumper ads, and they’re only six seconds long. The company’s tweet suggests that viewers are using the in-app comment tool to express their displeasure, but we’re wondering if this is the beginning of the end of the free YouTube category as we know it, or just a solid attempt to sway more people in favor of a premium subscription.

Update: 09/16/2022 15:05 EST BY WILL SATTELBERG

YouTube confirms it has finished this experiment

In a statement delivered to 9to5GoogleYouTube confirmed that these bulk ad breaks – called “ads” – were part of a global experience, shown when longer videos are played on TVs. The company confirmed that this “mini-trial” is now over, although it’s unclear exactly what that means for the app’s future. YouTube could revert to these types of “ad sets” in the future, perhaps in a different format, or it could continue with the pre-existing model for longer, non-skippable ads. Here is the statement in full:

At YouTube, we focus on helping brands connect with audiences around the world, and we’re always testing new ways to show ads that enhance the viewer’s experience. We ran a small experiment globally that displayed multiple ads in an ad room when viewers watched longer videos on connected TVs. The goal is to build a better experience for viewers by reducing ad breaks. We are done with this little experiment.

According to 9to5Google, this structure first appeared in 2018, and is designed to load ads from the front as a way to reduce interruptions during two-hour video articles, for example, every plot point in The Vampire Diaries. As YouTube emphasizes in its statement, its goal is to reduce breaks, even if that means increasing the number of ads that run before the video starts. If you’re not into this type of structure, we’re sure the company is happy to sell you a subscription.