YouTuber admits to being a gaming industry leaker, gets arrested

Dan Allen Gaming's photo shows him seated in front of several Assassin's Creed heroes.

picture: Ubisoft / Dan Allen Gaming / Kotaku

It turns out that a Twitter account called TheRealInsider, the latest in a group of leakers pretending to be familiar with the gaming industry, was actually operated by YouTuber Dan Allen Gaming. The account convinced many in the scene that it was the real deal after a minute teasing the new Doctrine killer Toys Will be Unveiled at Ubisoft Game Show 2022. But now it seems that Allen was simply leaking the taboo and the privileged Information he received as an influencer. “I’m sorry everyone for my actions,” he wrote on Twitter before the two accounts were deleted.

Allen has 189,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel where he posts guides, interviews with voice actors, and stage clips for everything from Multiversus to me elden ring. No one suspected that he secretly leaked industrial marketing materials he received under embargo until he accidentally Reply to someone asking TheRealInsider a question on Twitter as their main question Dan Allen Gaming account. Then, BloombergJason Schreyer of his accounts combed through previous tweets from both accounts and discovered a lot of overlap.

“If this is legit – and given that both accounts are surely tweeting about the same games at about the same time – it would explain how”real insiders He knew Alternating current Schreyer wrote in a comment on Discord. “He broke the ban himself.”

But people didn’t have to speculate for long. Allen admitted this soon after and posted an apology. It read, “I’m sorry everyone for my actions.” “I feel ashamed and disappointed in myself. I will take some time to reflect on my bad decisions, which will not happen again. To everyone who has supported me over the years, I really [sic] Sorry I let you down. “

There’s a difference between when a journalist uncovers information they consider to be of public interest and presents it to the world, and when a person agrees to an embargo or an NDA, and a company shares information under the assumption that the details won’t be disclosed until a specified date and time.

TheRealInsider’s biggest claim to fame was a Ubisoft leakThrilling action RPG open world in Japan called Project Red and many other games assassins creed Games four days before the official presentation and before they are reported by TryHardGuides And then on the same day, Bloomberg. Like Stephen Totilo from Axios pointing toAnd the It was on the same day that Ubisoft briefed the press about the offer (my box did not participate). However, more often than not, the account raises things to come such as hands-on previews, as in Square Enix case prophesy. This track record recently turned TheRealInsider into a fixture Game leaks and rumors subreddita popular watering hole for fans to speculate on upcoming releases based on industry reports and, most commonly, random tweets.

Allen’s outing comes within a week of the mega event Grand Theft Auto VI A leak and a Nintendo Direct where many rumored games have failed yet again to appear. It has sparked a renewed debate about the value and ethics of leaking gaming industry secrets, which could run the whole gamut from the next place. Drops It will be determined whether the studio has mistreated its employees. Many people are tired of spreading rumors, and understandably developers and marketing professionals are not a fan of seeing their work being discussed online outside of their control, especially when it revolves around incomplete or inaccurate information. Does this mean it will end anytime soon? Consider me doubtful.

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Coincidentally, the first news outlet about TheRealInsider was a new post by industry insider Tom Henderson called, What else, indoor games. While some criticize the name, which was called on an About page where sources are encouraged to “become an insider” through communication, the site crashed immediately upon launch yesterday when too many people tried to visit it once. answered One obvious fan“Damn the criticism, see you inside.”