You’ve Hook and Line Sinked and Lost Huge Money Looking for Garth Brooks Croke Park Tickets

A GARTH Brooks fan told how she fell “hook, line and drown” in an online scam when searching for tickets to see the country music star.

Deborah, based Corka warning to people about buying things advertised on Social media After she was scammed out of 133 euros in a complex scam.


Country music star Garth Brooks on stage at Croke Park in DublinCredit: PA: Press Association
A fan is devastated after being scammed trying to buy a ticket to see a country music star


A fan is devastated after being scammed trying to buy a ticket to see a country music starCredit: PA: Press Association

Deborah said she thought she was educated tricks I was surprised that she fell in love with one.

Garth Brooks He’ll be back on stage tonight in front of 84,000 people for them Fourth Croc Park Concert – After he impressed 252 thousand fans last weekend.

And Deborah thought she managed to get a ticket to see him Dublin Before she realized she had fallen victim to a scam artist.

Speaking on The 96FM Opinion Line, she revealed how she had a “gut feeling” that it wasn’t all over the plate after paying for tickets via PayPal.

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Recounting the incident, she said, “I had a crazy idea last night and rightly said, ‘One of my best friends was going to take care of my kids for me and we’d go.

“I went to Ticketmaster Saturday night. There are no tickets. So I’ve been browsing on Facebook if anyone knows anyone selling tickets can you let me know.”

After turning into Facebook It was tagged in a post by a friend and started messaging the supposed seller.

Deborah made it clear that she didn’t see this coming, saying “a woman couldn’t be more beautiful.”

After I told Deborah what to do, I sent her a screenshot of the tickets and told her to pay for them via PayPal.

Deborah said the “number one red flag came up when it was shown in sterling” but when queried on this, the woman explained that she lives in Scotland and “for whatever reason can’t go” and was selling tickets.

Second, the name on PayPal was different from the one on Facebook, which Deborah too late noticed is another red flag.

When Deborah was told that the money was on hold for 24 hours, despite the money being withdrawn from her account, she explained, “I just started my bowels and said something wasn’t right here.”

After further questioning, the woman sent a photo of her alleged passport, in which Deborah thought “there is definitely something not right here”.

Multiple buyers

With 4 four tickets on sale, and 42 people including Deborah inquiring about a Facebook post, it’s possible this woman made a pretty penny on the fans who wanted to see her. Garth Brooks.

When she requested a refund, saying she was now unable to attend, the woman told Deborah she would check if the money had run out. When Deborah checked again, she found that it was blocked.

Deborah immediately called PayPal, who told her the transaction was “on hold” because her bank was holding the money for 24 hours.

When contacting her bank, she was asked to contact Paypal and tell them to refuse to complete the transaction. By the time she got back, within about 20 minutes, the transaction had gone through meaning there was nothing that could be done.

No payment protection

Deborah now warns others not to use the Family & Friends option, unless you know and trust the person – as when you choose that option, that’s what it says, leaving you without paid protection.

She cautioned, “By choosing this option, which is fair enough, I understand that you are saying that you know, this person they trust, I understand that.

“I went up to the bank and they said I could go the fraudulent route, but to be honest, it takes months and I have no guarantee of getting it back.”

She added, “I’ve dealt with friends and family before, of course with people I know. Now I feel even saying that.”

“I guess I was so excited about the opportunity to get tickets and didn’t receive anything and just ran.”

The woman asked Deborah to send the money through this method, saying it would be faster, and because Deborah had clicked she now had no paid protection for this transaction.

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Brooks’ fan explained how it feels as if she has been “robbed,” adding that she believes she knows the things. She admitted that she “didn’t expect it” because she was “so excited about the opportunity to get tickets”.

Garth Brooks is set to play two completely sold-out final shows in Croke Park this weekend, with those traveling to the gigs. Be warned not to book their train tickets in advance.

Garth Brooks is set to play two finale shows in Dublin


Garth Brooks is set to play two finale shows in DublinCredit: PA: Press Association